In the Historic Village of Castelo Novo, a house from the 19th century comes alive in the 21st Century.

The modern and the old combine in perfect harmony, to offer and allow unforgettable experiences of serenity, comfort and joy. Come visit and rest!

Once upon a time there was a house in the village.

Lagarto Pintado (a white house in the middle of so many stone houses) was the home of Grandfather João and Grandmother Rosa, who had a blanket factory, near the banks of Ribeira de Alpreade.

Rosa - the granddaughter, always wanted the house to come back to life.

Pedro and Rosa - husband and wife, parents of 3! - lived in Cascais.The fate, stubbornness and resilience wanted the dream to happen!

Come share it with us! ;)

About the history of our house

About the Historic Village of Castelo Novo

Castelo Novo is a village belonging to the network of Historic Villages in Portugal. It stands out for its beauty, calm and the constant presence of water along the pedestrian paths that the village encourages. "In the heart of Serra da Gardunha, in a natural amphitheater landscape, in shades of green and grey, we discover Castelo Novo, enveloped in an aura of mysticism. Here, we feel something fascinating, which surrounds and harmonizes us. Everything inspires us, everything captivates us, from the sound of water flowing from the fountains to the perpetual granite that builds the village and carves the houses, the sidewalks, the squares. To wander in Castelo Novo is to experience the contrasts of colours, tastes and textures and, when one thinks all is discovered, up highrises at the top, the imposing castle that has guarded history and secrets for over 800 years. A Templar heritage defended by courageous walls. Castelo Novo awakens our senses: the smells of the earth and the fireplaces lit in winter, the levadas of the spring water that accompany us and the flavors that are so much ours: chestnuts, cherries, olive oil, bread, cheese and wine. Castelo Novo is a mixture of experiences and emotions that enriches us. A treasure that remains intact waiting to be experienced.

It is one of the 12 Historic Villages of Portugal."

Come and discover it!

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